The guide to choose the perfect formal party look with Luluslly

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  The end of the year is always that rush. Christmas, new year, graduations, weddings... These occasions that call for more formal looks can become quite stressful when we don't know where to buy, much less what to wear.

  I don't know about you, but whenever I have an event to go to, I'm afraid of being too dressed up for the occasion that was simpler or of going underdressed and everyone being elegant. That's why the dress code on the invitation is so important because it helps the guest to find their way around and not go wrong with the look. But often the host doesn't make it so clear, which can become a big problem.

 With that in mind, for today's post, I brought the guide to choosing the perfect formal party look. With these only 3 tips, you will find the perfect look and the event will be a success.

 But first, I want to introduce you to Luluslly: created in 2015, today the brand serves more than 100 countries around the world and one of its main missions is to ensure customer satisfaction when buying online. Despite being comfortable, many times some difficulties can occur when we shop online and Luluslly offers support and quick responses to consumers within 24 hours.

 Furthermore, on their website, we can find cheap prom dresses, wedding dresses, children's dresses, and much more. The brand also has a complete line of products in plus size and customized prom dresses.

1 - Pay attention to the location of the event

  Most of the time, the place chosen for the occasion already says a lot about how to dress. Going with a princess-style dress, with a big tulle and glitter skirt, can look a little awkward at outdoor events, for example. The same could happen if you wear a printed and light dress at a super elegant gala buffet.

2 - Pay attention to the time

  Daytime events call for looks in lighter and more pastel colors, such as pink, blue, and green, among others. If you go at night, it's worth investing in darker and heavier tones like black, and red, as well as more daring models.

3 - Choose comfort above all else

  Choose a dress that looks like you and is comfortable. These events usually take a long time, and there's nothing worse than feeling pain or discomfort outside your home.

Did you like the tips? Did you already know Luluslly? Tell me in the comments!

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