My Shapellx wishlist - shapewear, bodysuits and more!

Good morning, readers!

 A few posts ago, I introduced you to the Shapellx brand: an online shapewear store whose main mission is to invest in natural beauty and make women feel more and more beautiful and confident, no matter what their shape and size.

 We know how until recently it was difficult to find a variety of clothes in larger sizes. The fashion industry created unattainable standards, making it difficult for women who deviated from this standard to have the same access as others. That's why I recommend Shapellx, for offering the best shapewear at a fair price and a huge variety of pieces, as well as promoting inclusivity.

 With that in mind, today I decided to bring my wishlist with the products I want to buy from Shapellx! It wasn't easy to choose just 3 favorite products, but I tried to make a varied selection among the available pieces. Remembering that they deliver worldwide!

On the brand's website, you can find not only shapewear but also a multitude of other pieces such as bodysuits, dresses, shorts, panties, swimwear, and more! You can also apply search filters by occasions, collections, and shapewear sale. Shall we check?

My Shapellx wishlist - shapewear, bodysuits and more!

 If you click on each image, you'll be redirected to the product's page. 

 The first one that I choose is this beautiful long black dress. In addition to being super elegant and perfect for special occasions, it helps outline the body without causing any kind of discomfort. A versatile and very useful piece for the wardrobe.

 This backless shapewear is a perfect option to be worn under a dress, for example, or any other garment that leaves the back exposed. It can also be used daily, as this bodysuit has shorts, helping to support not only the chest but also the upper tights.

 By itself it is already a complete look, after all, you can leave the house wearing it perfectly! But you can also combine it with t-shirts and blouses, using the bottom part as pants. You can put together more formal looks with it, or use it daily for work, shopping, etc.


Now I want to know about you! Have you ever heard about Shapellx? What was your favorite piece from my wishlist? Tell me in the comments below!

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