Books about modern fairytales + meet Azazei!

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Hi, dear readers!

 Almost every little kid grew up listening to or reading fairytales. Stories with bad witches, beautiful princesses and princes, and of course, a very happy ending.

 Life can be a little harder than that, but that doesn't mean we have to stop dreaming or reading stories that make us feel dreamy. That's why today I'm here to indicate books about modern fairytales!

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 But, even with all this information I brought, you're not convinced to ship there, here are some beautiful dresses I found by myself, whose look a lot like the vibe of the books I wanna recommend.

1) Heartless - Marissa Meyer

Picture reproduction: Azazei

 Is a book about the young life of The Red Queen, the villain of Alice In Wonderland. Have you ever heard that every story has two sides? That's the situation we find here, and I promise that you will like The Red Queen and feel sorry for her in the end haha. Don't you think that this red dress looks a lot like her? It even matches the book cover! I love it.

2) Princesa das Águas - Paula Pimenta

Picture reproduction: Azazei

 Who else loves the story of The Little Mermaid? In Princesa Das Águas, we had the chance to know Arielle, a swimmer who is coming for her first time in the Olympics, but all she wants is to live the life of a normal girl. Reminds you of someone? I think Ariel and Arielle would love this dress! It reminds me a little bit of the sea, and I'm sure that they would think the same.

3) Menina Veneno - Carina Rissi

Picture reproduction: Azazei

  And for the last one, we have another villain as the protagonist! Menina Veneno is a modern version of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, and who is narrating the story is the Evil Queen, or Malvina Neves, as she is called in the book. She's a model and very narcissistic, but also confident and sometimes, adorable. This dress scream power and I can see Malvina in these, for sure!

 Now I want to hear you! What was your favorite dress? Have you ever heard about Azazei? Have you read one of these books? Tell me in the comments below!

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