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 Hi, dear readers!

 I love to know about different careers in books. It's one of the things I like most about reading, because we can live a hundred different lives. In today's post I'm going to recommend three books about fashion! With protagonists who work with it, stories full of beautiful clothes and everything about this universe.

 As we're talking about this theme, I also wanna recommend Azazei! Earlier I made a post about the brand, but in case you didn't see it, let me make a resume: Azazei is a fashion brand for formal clothes, which sells online and delivers worldwide. Besides the quality of the pieces, they also had great price and cost-benefit.

 You can search by the event you're going to, by color, and even by the type of dress! If you're the kind of who loves mermaid prom dresses, you can find them and all the information you need on their website. It also has a large scale of sizes, including plus-size ones. Isn't it great?

So let's see the books, and the dresses!

1) Threads - Sophie Bennet

Picture reproduction: Azazei

 Threads is a teen book about a group of friends who loves customizing clothes and dream about a fashion career. And they have the chance to change their lives, when they meet a refugee with a talent for sewing.

 We have a book on the cover, so I searched on their site for a similar one and I found this silver version! Isn't it pretty? 

2) Airhead - Meg Cabot

Picture reproduction: Azazei

 Imagine you're a normal girl living your life and then in an accident your body is switched with a supermodel body? That's the plot we have in Airhead! A story full of mysteries and fashion!

 Again, I choose a similar dress to the one on the cover, except for the color and the length.

3) Confissões de Uma Ex-Namorada - Re Lustosa 

Picture reproduction: Azazei

 And for the last one, I choose the book Confissões de Uma Ex-Namorada, which talks about a girl who dreams about becoming a stylist, and the only one who can help her in this way is her ex-boyfriend... It's a very funny story and I love reading it.

 The protagonist, Pati, has a strong personality and a great taste for fashion. She loves sequin, glitter and strong colors; and I'm 100% sure she will love this pink dress!

Now I want to hear you! Have you ever heard of one of these books? What was your favorite dress? Comment below!

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  1. Oieeee, Laura. Tudo bem?
    Olha só posso dizer que amei as escolhas de cada um dos looks para cada um dos livros. E sim esses livros são super maravilhosos.
    Amei demais o post.
    Beijinhos, Tham
    4 You Books Mania

    1. Oi, Tham!
      Que bom que gostou dos looks e dos livros! Fico muito feliz em saber :D

  2. Olá.
    Amei os vestidos, são lindos.


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