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Hi, dear readers!

 I have to confess that I'm not the kind of person who loves sports or physical exercise. I always rather stay at home and watch TV, than go outside and play some sports. Sometimes I like to walk at the beach and see nature.

 But that doesn't mean I don't like to read books about that theme, which we will talk about in today's post: 3 books indications about sports or with athletes characters! And to get into the vibe of the post, I wanna recommend a store I recently discover that sells sportswear clothes (as for example waist trainer manufacturers), shapewear, and lingerie.

 Waist Dear is a wholesale brand, which business today covers more than 150 countries and marks 10 years of experience in the shapewear market. Its mission is to make women feel confident in their own skin and to achieve that they actively participate in the sewing and production processes of the pieces .

Isn't amazing? Not only this, but the store offers a full experience to the customers with all the information they need: about the payment methods, shipping, coupons, etc. Talking about this last one, Waist Dear is known for its great price and high quality. Who doesn't love discounted sportswear? I do!

It wasn't easy to choose just 3 pieces from the store, but here are some of my favorites, which I think look a lot like the books I wanna recommend. So let's see them!

1 - Girl on the Run - Jane Costello

Picture reproduction: Waist Dear

As known in Brazilian Portuguese by the title of "Corra, Abby, Corra!", Girl on the Run talks about a girl who joins a running club with great purpose for a friend and also discovers more about herself and a guy who entered her way. It was a very funny book!

 When I saw this suit on the site, instantly I thought about this book! I don't know if it's because of the colors, but I'm 100% sure that this is one of the perfect clothes a girl would wear to run.

2 - Avalon High - Meg Cabot

Picture reproduction: Waist Dear

Avalon High is a crazy modern version of the King Arthur legend but in a high school way. We have a lot of sports references here, starting with the protagonist, which is a girl who loves running, to the football team of the school: cheerleaders, football players, games...

For this book, I choose this purple running suit which looks comfortable and pretty at the same time! It also combines with the book cover and I love it haha.

3 - The Baltimore Boys - Joël Dicker

Picture reproduction: Waist Dear

At a first sight, you may think that The Baltimore Boys (in Portuguese: "O Livro dos Baltimore") doesn't have anything to do with the sports theme. And actually, it doesn't. The central plot is about family struggles and teenage dramas. But two of the principal characters dream to became basket players, and we had the chance to know a lot about this career during the reading. That's the reason why I had to put this one on the list!

And also, I didn't want to miss the chance to show you guys this amazing suit! I don't think I have ever seen something that screams more "basket" than this beautiful clothing!

Now, I want to know about you! Have you ever heard about Waist Dear? What was your favorite suit? Tell me in the comments below! 👇💬

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  1. Amei o post. Ainda não li nenhum dos livros e já quero. Sobre as peças: que peças bonitas e parecem super confortáveis

    1. Oi, Tay!
      Que bom que gostou :D Espero que consiga ler os livros e que goste!


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