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  The fashion industry has always been permeated by imposed beauty standards. Standards that, in addition to being impossible, over the years, have been destroying women's confidence and creating many insecurities. How many times do we not compare ourselves to what we see on Instagram or other social networks? Fortunately, over the years this situation has changed; and much of this has to do with the emergence of new brands that bet and invest in what we have best: our natural beauty!

  And this is Shapellx's main mission! Having as one of its mottos, "We support women of all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes to express their unique styles to the world", the brand wants to innovate the shapewear industry by promoting an innovative, reliable and sustainable culture. With a series of policies aimed at sustainable development, one of the brand's main objectives is to achieve the world's first fully sustainable and eco-friendly shapewear brand in the mainstream market. Isn't it amazing? On their website, you can find a whole line of amazing products, from shapewear dress to swimwear!

  In the last years, Shapewear became part of women's wardrobes. The are many benefits! Not only perfect for helping to maintain good posture, but it's also a great option to promote support when performing physical exercises, promote Self-Esteem and Confidence, and much more.

 And to promote the inclusion of all types of beauty, the site has a series of plus size waist trainer products. In addition to feeling good about yourself and your body, the pieces are high-quality and extremely comfortable. No wonder Shapellx has appeared several times in the media on sites like Glossy, Today, Yahoo!, and many others. And the good news for us who live in Brazil is that they ship worldwide!

 And if you're still not convinced to do some shopping at Shapellx, I've chosen some of my favorite products on the site that I'm sure you'll love too! By clicking on the photos, you will be redirected to the links for each product.


 As I live in a beach town, my first choice was this beautiful swimwear! It looks perfect to spend the day at the beach, without feeling uncomfortable. I loved it!  

 My second choice was these black leggings, which look perfect to work at home with or go out with your friends. It's a must-have piece, and I want one for myself for sure.  

 And the last one, but not least important, is this body with long sleeves. The compression level is labeled as "Super Comfy", but if you want more compression, you can find pieces from "Super Comfy" untill Extra Firm on their website.

Now I want to know about you! Have you ever header about Shapellx? Do you use Shapewear in your daily life? Tell me in the comments below!

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